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Encyclopedias can be found in numerous places throughout the library. The 2010 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica is in the reference collection on the 1st floor of the Main Library. Older editions are on several upper floors on special sets of shelves near the restrooms, elevators, and stairs. The 2007 edition is on the 8th floor; the 2005 edition is on the 5th floor; the 2002 edition is on the 6th floor. The 2007 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia is on the 7th floor; the 2005 edition of the World Book is on the 9th floor.

Numerous other encyclopedias, including ones on more specific subjects, can be found in the print collection throughout the Kent State library system, and many more are available electronically. You can search KentLINK for the subject "Encyclopedias and Dictionaries" or for a group of keywords including encyclopedia. Searching for just that term produces thousands of results, so you will probably want to include other terms to narrow it down.

Several online encyclopedias can be found on our A-Z List of Databases.

Online access to several World Book reference services is available at

Most of our online encyclopedias require authentication, as described at the Connect from Off-Campus page.

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